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Merry Christmas From Redline Radio: The Boys Joined The World Renowned Joffrey Ballet

So it turns out that Ballet is EXCRUTIATINGLY difficult. Who knew that four out-of-shape former athletes would be sore for a solid 4 days after moving muscles we didn’t know existed.

The Joffrey Ballet is an institution in Chicago and huge credit to them for actually giving us the time of day. Way outside their normal audience, but it shouldn’t be. Carl saw the show opening night and said it was incredible. I might see it later this month now that I know what it’s all about. And you should see it too. Take your mom, take your lady, sit back and watch. Don’t try it at home though because you’ll probably rupture something.

Redline is trying to go outside the box, but also get back to Barstool’s roots with these videos. We all started writing for the site in 2013, and we all started reading it long before that. We want to have that old school content feel because that’s what attracted us to the site to begin with. So if you have ideas on shit we should do, let us know. We will try anything, as you can see.

If you want to know what elite athletes are supposed to look like on the dance floor, check this video out too.