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BREAKING NEWS: The Barstool Chicago Crew Is Officially FULL TIME With Barstool Sports #ScoopCity

About 6 years and many scoops ago, myself, Eddie, Chief, Carl and Big Cat were hired as mercenaries by Neil Ryan to dominate the Chicago sports and pop culture scene for Barstool Sports.  Big Cat then went on to superstardom while the rest of our crew held down the fort in the Chi, building up our personal brands and characters one scoop at a time.

Then, almost two years ago to the day, I got a text whilst sitting on my couch from Carl saying he wanted to start a Chicago baseball podcast.  The Cubs had just won the World Series, the Sox had since accrued the best organizational farm talent in the league and all signs were (hopefully) pointing to a Red Line World Series sometime in the 2020’s.

But why back ourselves into a baseball corner?  Why not get Eddie on board who’s the perfect embodiment of a Chicago Bears fan?  Or Chief who’s the best hockey mind on the planet?  Or our camera guy Sweaty Brian who is a wizard with a camera? Why not turn this into an all gas, no brakes Chicago sports and pop culture podcast, get it on board with Barstool and shoot this project to the moon?  It made too much sense on all angles for everyone involved.

At first our collective goal was to crush Red Line Radio so much that we could potentially quit our day jobs, open a Chicago office and bring Dan back home 2-3 years down the road.  Quick shout out to Echo Global Logistics – sorry I was blogging on company time over the years when I should have been slinging freight, but you guys were all great.  Anyways – over the course of the last 2-3 months, our podcast and videos have received better feedback than we could have ever imagined and bam, Barstool Chicago now has an office in Chicago.  And by office, I mean a 150 square foot hole in the wall in Ukrainian Village:

And this office, this goddam office right here is where the magic is gonna happen.  Dente has a common catch phrase where he says he’s taking Barstool to the moon.  Well we’re officially on the rocket ship and will hit the moon or go down swinging.

To Erika, Dente, Big Cat, the entire sales and social media team, and every one of the incredibly gifted content creators in NYC – we can’t wait to burn this shit to the ground with and you.  The 2nd Chicago fire is coming.