Barstool Chicago Presents: Imma Buy You A Beef (with Lyrics)

Throwback Wednesday because this song is stuck in my head and now I'm coming for your brains. I wrote this song last year before Bears/Eagles. At the time I said this: 

Bears Eagles Sunday 3:30pm Central Standard this Sunday. I can't predict the final score or how many times Khalil Mack concusses Nick Foles, but I can guarantee you one thing: I'm buying Matt Nagy a beef after this game and the rest of you fucking guys are coming with me. 12-4. Home playoff game. 7-1 in division. 4 different 1st Team All Pros and the resurgence of the Monsters Of The Midway culture. It's time to buy Matt Nagy a beef. HIT THE MUSIC SCOTTIE.

Kinda funny in hindsight considering it ended with me going mega viral for blowing a fucking coronary. At the same time though that's the price of admission when you live on the internet. Live by the sword die by the sword.

Nagy - come get yourself a beef whenever you want it. WSD is in charge of the dip.