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REAL Curly Fry Vodka Is On Its Way To Barstool HQ

Ladies and Gentleman, we got it.

When the Arby's limited curly fry vodka was released in December Lowering The Bar was all hands on deck in an attempt to buy a 1/5th of the deep fried vodka, but no luck. Sold out in seconds. I resorted to creating one of the worst alcoholic beverages known to man - greasy homemade curly fry vodka. 

Everyone hated it, I was drunk and farting all night, I thought Arby's was ignoring me. Truly awful. Turns out, Arby's doesn't hate us, they just have absolutely no clue know LTB exists. Phew. Close one. 

… Arby's reached out to the main account BUT all DM's go directly to Tommy Smoke's phone so he can keep in contact with Local Smokeshows. The man works 24/7, but must have missed it.  If only Arby's would have seen our DM earlier. Oh, well … REAL Curly Fry Vodka coming soon to Lowering The Bar … which means, more Drunk Vibbs. Can't wait.