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I Have Stepped Down As VP Of Football Operations

*I would like to start this blog by saying this is both real, but kind of a gag, and not meant to be insensitive to now former Barstool employees that were let go last week, some of which were friends of mine. I feel like the Mean Girls, Klemmer, and everyone talked about it enough that it's time to move on and we can joke about these things again. If you feel differently, this blog isn't for you.

Editor's Note: I would like to add that the above is so insane to write that I had to keep it


A few months ago I signed a new 3-year deal at Barstool Sports. In those negotiations, I asked to name my own title with Big Cat's blessing, and when I presented him this title, he loved it despite what reports now say.

There were parties in the streets when this was announced. Some #Cheahhive members even went as far as to make a sign for a parking spot in the new office, but that's neither here nor there.

But that all came crashing down today when Data Day didn't add up. Literally. Unfortunately the results I put out were corrupted. A full investigation was not launched and I was given the option to step down immediately and relinquish my title, or go through actual legal scrutiny and get my contract updated.

The only choice I had was to his send on this tweet that Big Cat typed out. 

The public tar and feathering in addition to giving up my parking sign/spot was one thing, but then Big Cat brought in the big guns and called my hero, Adam Schefter to confirm the story.

The entire saga was torture for me but fun for everyone else. Check it all out here: