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Mintzy vs. Klemmer 1 Did Not Disappoint

Mintzy missed the #BarstoolCombine and his punishment was to do a Pro Day on Friday. But we spiced it up and made it 1-on-1 vs. Chris Klemmer who flew in from New York to face him. The stage was set for the big showdown.

Even before the events started, you could tell Mintzy was on one.

He had clearly put the time in training to get the basic building blocks for success in the right place.

We already knew there was no beating him at fast banana.

And when the boys started playing a version of flag football, equipment started breaking.

But things really got cranked up to the next level when the grilled cheese contest began. The assignment was clear. Make a grilled cheese sandwich. Mintzy started a fire.

We should've known, but Mintzy may be the best apple bobber this side of the Mississippi.

But it was Klemmer, who went on a torrid run to end the 19 events, ended up winning the 20th, the Barstool Gauntlet to win the whole challenge.

Catch the full unforgettable Yak here: