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Mark Titus And Big Ev Squash The Beef

Nicky Smokes did a nice job covering the beef between the Mostly Sports crew and The Picks Central group in his blog today. Having been apart of the Case Race, it was clear there was an issue between Rico and Brandon. We thought it was squashed in September after Mostly Sports agreed to take the early 9am CST timeslot and Picks Central could stay at 11am CST, but there were clearly still some mixed feelings.

That boiled over today when Titus made some comments on Mostly Sports about the Picks Central crew, which he inadvertently included his fellow Buckeye, Big Ev in.

Ev took exception and went off on Picks Central today.

And now we had to add Ev x Titus as an existing beef. But that's not right, so we had the two talk it out today on The Yak and got to the bottom of it.

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