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We Got A Popcorn Machine, Someone Wore The Tightest Pants Of All-Time, Big Cat Got Towel Whipped, And Mintzy vs. Klemmer Is Happening Tomorrow

It was a wild day on The Yak. Big Cat and I returned from the Combine and we got our new popcorn machine installed courtesy of our friends at Nuts on Clark. It has both butter and the Chicago Mix which is delightful.

Titus cut the ribbon and the whole office is buzzing about it!

We also saw the tightest pants a man has ever worn today with Lucas' pants.

He was mercilessly shamed immediately upon his arrival to the office.

Towel whip also hit on the wheel today and you'll never guess the matchup. A tale as old as time.

And finally, with Mintzy's pro day set to tape tomorrow, we added a wrinkle and are making this a Mintzy vs. Klemmer Pro Day show down.

I already can't wait for tomorrow! Catch the full show here: