Will John Rich Actually Cut His Head Off?

In mid-November, our guy John Rich, out of the blue, tweeted this.

John Rich is a college football guy. He loves Bowling Green. I'm not sure anyone was banging down his door for a proposition if Michigan were to win it all, but he threw it out there anyway. And hey - good on him! It's content! 

But less than two months later, Michigan has won the National title. Boy does that head look saw-off-able!

I am not a doctor. I have only claimed to be once when a cab driver who picked me up in the emergency room after I got stitches from a cut I sustained playing basketball said, "where to doctor?" when I got into his cab. *It should be noted I was wearing a sports coat at the time, so not a completely wild assumption.

Where was I? Oh yes, I am not a doctor, but in my medical opinion, if John Rich were to do this, he would certainly die. After Michigan go their win on Monday night, he addressed the nation.

Not that I don't agree with him he should really find the best way to do this. But Michigan hasn't played in a week. Did he not do any prepping? We discussed his realistic option on The Yak today.

What do you think he should do? Sound off in the comments. And catch the full Yak here: