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The Yak Gauntlet Is Here And It's Spectacular

We didn't have a ton planned today, but luckily we've got this amazing facility we call an office and invented something called The Yak Gauntlet. It goes like this:

You are timed and must complete each of the following in order. 

- Get one bag in a cornhole board

- Score a soccer goal on lacrosse olympic goalie Jake Malasek

- Hit a wiffleball homerun (self-pitch)

- Knock a Body Armor bottle off a table with a football throw (no Dr. Pepper chest passes)

- Hit one 3-pointer on one end of the court

- Bring the ball rack to the other side of the court and hit another 3-pointer

- Provide 10 correct answers to a Sporcle quiz for general knowledge/grab bag 

The best time wins.

We had a some great moments in the inaugural runs, like Brandon Walker practicing load management mid-run

Titus pulling a Nick Young three times in a row

And Zah showing the highs and lows of the challenge

Overall, the best score went to Big Cat with 2 minutes 11.64 seconds.

Here are the standings after one day:

Catch the full Yak here: