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Barstool's HARDEST Hitter Will Not Be Fighting At RNR19

Tonight Grace O'Malley will prove she is a badass by going head to head with a real opponent during Rough N Rowdy, unlike the Barstool office that went up against a Punch Out arcade game and for the most part proved why we are bloggers ... 

I know Jon Taffer HATES these punch out games being in bars because they are a huge insurance liability when someone misses the punching bag and busts their knuckles on a door frame, but the characters this game attracts at 1am in a dive-bar make for PRIME people watching. 

Tonight, you won't have to leave your home to people watch with RNR19 in Providence, RI. The Masshole characters will be out in force to support and fight in the event. Don't miss out. Buy RNR