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The Darkest Corners Of The Internet Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie

No amount of haunted house jump scares, or horror movie monsters can compare to the terrors of real life.  Thanks to social platforms like Tik Tok we are able to get a POV shot directly into the unfiltered creepiness of people all around the world. The scary thing is, we aren't a fly on the wall, this is what people are filming. What these people do in their private lives still remains a chilling mystery.

No one takes documenting these weirdos more seriously than the account @SharonLeftMe. The gifs below are light compared to the absolutely fucked, twisted content the account normally posts. Give SharonLeftMe a follow and watch these videos below and more. 

1. Creature From The Pink LaGoon-Fest: The other title for this was going to be Majin Bucocki, but I didn't want people to know I fuck with DBZ. BUT, compared with freaks on this SharonLeftMe, I don't feel weird admitting it.

Candy Corn Tree: Candy corn is disgusting, so if you were to tell me it isn't made of pure sugar, candy corn actually grows on an a deformed penis in a laboratory petri dishI'd believe you. 

Vore For Me: This video is porn for a fetish called Vore. The kink involves being eaten by or eating someone/ something, real or imaginary. I've never been less turned on by porn while still somehow wanting to have sex with the snakes ribbed for your pleasure throat.

This is another Vore fetish video that kind of rocks and plays out more like a funny looney tunes cartoon than kink porn.

Textbook Serial Killer: This guy has the look of a cold blooded murderer nailed down. Home haircut, gaunt face, beady dead Scott Farkus eyes, which means at the very least this dude sows  together animal body parts in his parent's cellar. While this is guy is scary, the video is more of a PSA for the dangers of not keeping up with dental hygiene. This dudes rotten fangs make this video unpleasant from the jump, and less focused on how he wants to torture and fuck your dead corpse at the end of the relationship.

HOV Lane Access: This is either an art student's portrayal of what fat cat politicians look like down at Tammany Hall, or some lonely man's disturbing fuck toy. Either way, the neck skin makes me hungry for a quesadilla.

Happy Halloween, Ma'am: Nothing will get you in the mood for spooky szn like blowing a Halloween decoration in a pair of your best red leather knee high boots. If this isn't Joey Camasta, it's a live look at Barbara Bush and President George Bush on a Saturday night in heaven.