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The World's Strongest Beer Left No Survivors

The World's Strongest Beer snatched people's souls on Lowering The Bar. You thought Tua's CTE fingers were going to be the most disturbing image you saw this week, check out poor Donnie having spasms as his entire body goes into shut down mode. A good barometer for whether or not something is gross/difficult is if Donnie or PFT struggle, then you can assume that food/drink sucks a bag of ass (the reverse of that is if Feits/me are puking, it means nothing because we are mentally weak.)

I've played this clip more times than the Amazon Prime broadcast and I've gotten the same sick sense of pleasure each time. The rest of Barstool handled the 75% ABV Scottish Ale about as well as The Wonton Don …

The full episode is a must watch, and while you're at it, check out Donnie trying 2017's World's Strongest Beer Snake Venom where he woke up covered in piss. Whoa That's Weird.