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The World's Smelliest Fruit Is Now A Disgusting Soda

Durian is the smelliest fruit on planet Earth, and for some countries the stench is such a problem that the fruit has been banned in public places. For the same reason, the smelly fruit has been banned at the Barstool Office, but don't worry, Durian Soda has NOT made the company banned list. If the fruit is so bad, why would a company make a soda? Once you get past the stench of gasoline / port-a-potty the durian has a taste that many people love. How will Barstool handle drinking a carbonated Durian soda? Find out on this episode of Lowering The Bar. 

The last time we all tried Durian was when we first moved into the HQ3 Barstool office - the last time there wasn't clutter.

FEMA coming in to save the Barstool office is exaggerated, but it is true that the building maintenance crew did almost call in an emergency disaster response crew to report a busted gas line …