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Blind Baby Food Taste Taste Results Are In And Only One Person Is Ready For Parenthood

A lot of parents competed in this blind baby food taste test - Clem, Kim, Smitty, but soon to be mom Kayce Smith takes home the title of best baby food taste buds in the office getting 5/7 flavors correct. Kayce is batting an unheard of 0.714 in an LTB taste test, which means she's ready to take care of a small living thing.  

Giphy Images.

The rest of the contestants will be doomed to live out the rest of their lives as feeing unfulfilled as grown adult babies … 

The Wet Willy is a prank where no one wins, similar to a head butt in a fight, but I think KFC put the Wet Willy beautifully in this tweet …

NEW Lowering The Bar drops tomorrow at 10:30AM on the blog where Barstool will be eating Fish Swim Bladder.