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Move The Fuck Over Punk'd , There's A New Prank Show In Town

From 2003-2007 celebrities lived in constant fear. Not from today's celebrity problems like being canceled, or not being able to fuck and suck their way into Hollywood roles, but from PUBLIC ENEMY #1, an absolute menace to society ... 

The host of Punk'd, Christopher Ashton Kutcher. This fucking prankster had every celebrity on their toes, making actors and athletes think twice before caving in some every day Joe's face for being a rude dick in public.

A moment from the show that will go down in history was when Kanye thought the police were stealing his film for the music video Jesus Walks, so Kanye rips it out of the authorities hands and hijacks a 15 passenger van to get away. Classic Kanye.

The show worked its way into society's vernacular, when shit started to hit the fan, people would question, Am I being Punk'd? , hoping Kutcher would pop out and make it all go away. Well, there's no more Ashton Kutcher and his freaky little side kick Dax, it's now Vibbs and his freaky little side kick Tommy Smokes, and our sick and twisted pranks aren't going away as easily … 

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OH SHIT, TRENT. WE GOT YOU GOOD YOU FUCKER. Simple Trent trusted us to put a blindfold on him, and we took advantage. Classic prank. Maybe Tommy and myself aren't quite Ashton and Dax, but people around the office will think twice before blindly trusting those wild and crazy mother fuckers on Lowering The Bar.