Half Born Duck Eggs Were The Food To Finally Break Everyone's Brain

I'm down bad. It's been a week since we ate Balut on Lowering The Bar and my psyche still hasn't fully recovered. A hardboiled egg with a half born baby duck inside doesn't taste as horrendous as it sounds, but the bar has finally managed to snap my brain completely in half when it comes to eating normal foods.

Chicken, steak, pork, are all a no go at the moment due to the way the smell of the meat reminds me of the little half born bird. Thinking of the duck as a rotisserie chicken was SO FUCKING STUPID in hind sight. I tricked my brain so well by envisioning Balut as normal food, that I've hypnotized my mind into forever thinking normal food is Balut. Not good.

While I'm about to have to be tube fed like a protesting Guantanamo prisoner, the silver lining is I'm clearly healthier than intern Sam who according to Web MD has COVID or a severe form of ass cancer. Yikes. Balut suddenly isn't all that bad. T's and P's for Sam.