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Lowering The Bar Tournament Championship: Billy Football vs. Tommy Smokes

The road to the Lowering The Bar Tournament Championship is paved with daunting challenges, and Billy Football and Tommy Smokes have had no problem driving over those obstacles to the finals. Billy Football was the favorite going into the tournament, and Tommy Smokes was predicted most likely to snake his way into the championship. At this point, it doesn't matter how they got to the finals, because one competitor leaves with the money, and one goes home with nothing. Who will win? Find out on during the Lowering The Bar Championship.

Thank you to the 8 competitors (PFT, Billy Football, Smitty, MRags, Alex Bennett, Jordyn Woodruff, Tommy Smokes, and of course Kelly Keegs) and thank you to Labatt Blue Light for allowing us to have fun, drink beer, but also try something different for Lowering The Bar. It's the finals, it's LTB, if you're heart isn't pounding out of your chest, then you don't have a pulse.