Lowering The Bar Tournament: Kelly Keegs vs Tommy Smokes

Kelly Keegs vs Tommy Smokes caps the end of Round 1 with a match-up between two people who have actual bad blood.  This feud started after Tommy Smokes stole and drank a bottle of Jay Leno's blue wine that was a gift to Kelly from Gucci Mane? That sentence reads like a mad lib and I'm not sure what's accurate, BUT I do know Kelly was ... upset.

As payback for stealing the blue wine, Keegs cursed Tommy and the Yankees to an early exit in the MLB Playoffs. The score between these two is even, and a round 1 match-up allows them to settle the score. Keegs is a competitor who no doubt would rip her competition's soul out, but at the end of the day, winning this game show means EVERYTHING to Tommy Smokes. Every week Tommy claims he is the champion of the bar, not to mention these eating challenges would look great in a highlight real for Jeff Probst of Survivor. Will Tommy live up to his own hype that literally only he believes in, or will Kelly conjure up a curse to give Tommy an early exit from the LTB tournament? Find out on Episode 4 ...