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Lowering The Bar: Chomping Down On Pig Penis

A few months ago Frank The Tank and Duggs brought about 100 pounds of penis and testicles across state lines from New Jersey to HQ in New York. That's about 20 pounds of penis and testicles more than usual, factoring in these two magnificent units brought in Bull Penis (ate it with Bert Kriesher + Lisa Ann), Bull Testicles (not the worst, tastes like liver), and Pig Penis (today's episode.)

Pork shlong’s texture is wet and soft like an al dente penne pasta noodle, and there isn't much taste to the meat. The worst part is the barnyard smell the cooked meat still carries. Pig Penis is usually served in soup, but on Lowering The Bar we are all about the full experience. We are serving up our pig dick whole and boiled, just how it should be done.

This episode is brought to you by THE global leader in below the waist men's grooming, and now trimming the gross and unsightly hairs on a pig's belly. Use Promo Code: BAR for 20% OFF + FREE SHIPPING, not to mention you will be getting the Testicular Cancer Society Special Edition Lawnmower 4.0  Support your boys, support a good cause -