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The Aftermath Of The Worst St. Patrick's Day Ever Lasted 3 Weeks

I've puked up my fair share of green beer and dry-heaved a 7th Jameson shot during enough St. Patrick's Day celebrations to say I've had some shitty St. Paddy's Days. BUT, the worst St. Patrick's Day of all time was when I tried to get festive with the Irish dish - Blood Sausage.

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I'm a terrible cook so I burnt 20lbs. of Blood Sausage while preparing it for the episode. Not only did I have to eat the black charred sausage with everyone at the bar, but for the next TWO WEEKS I had to live in apartment that smelled like burnt blood. Not sure how cannibal serial killers do it. 

Watch basketball, drink beer, just don't burn the ever living fuck out of some blood sausage today, or you will live with the consequences of being a dumb ass till next St. Patrick's Day … or at least the next 3 weeks. 

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