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"I Swear We Aren't Eating Penis, It's Pacific Geoduck"

We aren't eating penis, just a clam. Lowering The Bar is about to experience a mouth full of low tide with Pacific Geoduck [Gooeyduck]. This ocean dwelling mollusk is the most schlong looking food without actually being a fat schlong. In fact, the Geoduck Clam is only two parts - neck and body, both acceptable to skin and eat raw. How does Geoduck taste? That’s for Barstool to find out … 

T's and P's to Large who had his penis stretched and mangled during kidney stone surgery, send him kind words. (Or go subscribe to the Twisted History podcast)

 The scene from Jackass the movie where they give each other paper cuts on the webbing of their fingers and toes makes my want to jump out a fucking window, so hearing about another man's paper cut penis hole got to me.