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Do NOT, Under ANY Circumstance, EVER Eat Fermented Shark

This week we introduced fermented greenland shark at the bar and it will officially go down as one of the worst items we've tried at the bar. Give me a million shots of Malört or even hook me up to the pregnancy simulator and give me all the juice, but the smell of Fermented Shark is something I NEVER want to taste or smell again. I won't do it. For myself and the sanctity of Barstool HQ.

The only other items we've tried with office clearing capabilities are a spiky fruit called  Durian and another Icelandic delicacy, Surströmming (fermented fish.)

Episodes with horrible smells are the worst because everyone working in the office suffers and has to sit in the smell ALL day, everyone but the audience. It will be awhile before another episode featuring the stench of a dead man's asshole, but that simply means we will have to give the people what they want in another form of torture, maybe the worst form  … spicy.