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Barstool Eats Wet and Crunchy Baby Eels

One of the more adventurous tapas dishes you can order is Angulas, or Baby Eels. Eating anything's babies sounds extremely fucking metal, but looking into the tiny beady black eyes of a baby eel surprisingly doesn't make you feel a thing. I've always said the bar is mostly a mental game, so with its spaghetti look and extremely fishy taste, it's easier to pretend it's ocean spaghetti instead of baby eels. Using Jedi mind tricks on my brain helped me, but how will Barstool handle these slithering sea creatures? Find out on Lowering The Bar ... 

Mark Baynes. Shutterstock Images.

P.S. I've never eaten eel (even in sushi) until now, my only prior eel experience was getting this mother fucker out of his hole.

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