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Barstool HQ Tries Spicy PB&J From The Fucked Up Mind of John Feitelberg

You could list out all the inventions man has created and Feitelberg's Spicy PB&J Sandwich wouldn't make the list, BUT one mini peanut butter cup and two gummy sour children create the perfect ratio to taste like a real peanut butter sandwich in your mouth (don't let the word spicy scare you.) 

Wtf do we do with this information besides try the treat and tell Feits he's 100% right? No one will care about this discovery in the moment and everyone will shame Feits from his creation, but this seems like an invention that years down the road some scientist will take even further and use flavor structure to cure diseases. 

Giphy Images.

OR, a generation gets diabetes because this replaces the real PB&J.

 Anything can happen. 

Thanks to Feits for allowing us into his mind with Spicy PB&J, and to Black Rifle Coffee for sponsoring the episode. Support Veteran's and a veteran owned company while enjoying fresh coffee from all over the world