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Snails And Fine Dining Should Never Be Used In The Same Sentence

On Lowering The Bar we dip our toes into the world of fine dining with Escargot. Snails are an incredibly classy entree which we prepared  ... the natural way (served straight from a can with nothing added.) Gordon Ramsay would be proud.  This process leaves the snails with a nice earthy taste, similar to dirt or grass. Mmm.

Who at Barstool has fine wine & dined before? Who completely lacks culture? Find out on this episode of Lowering the Bar.

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Before Bearbottom was ever a sponsor of LTB I was paying FULL PRICE for their clothes because they look great, while legitimately being the most comfortable shorts, pants, and shirts I've ever worn. Comfortable clothes for any situation. Buy yourself a t-shirt and if you don't believe it's the softest shirt in the world, I'll eat another snail.