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Barstool Eats Full Sized Dehydrated Tarantulas

The classic Snapple cap fact that people eat an average of 8 spiders a year is luckily a complete myth. The chances of someone involuntary eating a spider in their sleep is extremely low. Vibrations from breathing and potentially snoring would keep the spider away, so a wet mouth is the last thing a spider is looking for late at night. 

Eating mouthfuls of spiders when you go to sleep is a myth, but eating tarantulas when you come up to the bar is 100% true. The zebra tarantula is a 10-13 centimeter spider covered in thick hairs with massive fangs. Luckily the spiders we are eating are dead, but even if they were alive their bite wouldn't be lethal to humans.

How do dehydrated tarantulas taste? That's for Barstool to decide … 

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