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Barstool HQ Eats The Skin Off Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet are visually one of the most disgusting foods around. If you ever doubted dinosaurs evolved into chickens, look no further than their lizard like feet. Even though they look like a demon hand reaching out of a portal from hell, chicken feet are eaten on literally every continent and in every culture. If everyone eats them, these sci-fi like alien claws they can't be too bad?  Unfortunately for Barstool HQ, Lowering The Bar has prepared the chicken feet in their most simple, pure form ... plain, unseasoned, and boiled. How do they taste? Let's find out ... 

I would say this description of the chicken foot is pretty damn spot on. We have finally completed all the disgusting chicken body parts before moving into October for an entire month of Sp0oOky at the bar.