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Celebrating America By Eating Apple Pie Hotdogs


Lowering The Bar is getting patriotic by eating Guy Fieri's newest creation he made to celebrate America, The Apple Pie Hot Dog. This science project was created for The Field of Dreams Baseball game a few weeks ago, but did he hit this entree out of the park? There isn't a man with spiked blonde hair in a flame Hawaiian shirt I'd trust more than Guy, so while the Apple Pie Dog sounds confusing and gross, I believe in Chef Guy to perfectly combine savory and sweet for the United States of America. BUT, how does the rest of Barstool HQ feel about the Apple Pie Hot Dog? 

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SIDENOTE  Kelly Keegs eats trash food In this episode of LTB, Keegs LOVES the Apple Pie Hot Dog more than anyone in the office. Which was no surprise to me. After Barstool vs. America I took Kelly to the movies. This is what she ordered from the concession stand …

  • Peanut M&M's
  • Nachos
  • Chicken Fingers
  • Popcorn

Veegs relationship is on the rocks because I couldn't afford to keep a prize like her around … sad. Hopefully someone out there can get her the garbage diet she needs … 

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