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The Best Live Show Is Feits Suffering

The funniest live comedy show on Saturdays no longer airs late night on NBC, the funniest show debuts Saturday mornings on the Lowering The Bar Instagram. An extremely low bar for LTB to beat, but that's called being on brand. Featuring 6 minutes of uncut footage of Feitelberg doing what he does best, suffer, there are more laughs watching Feits puke than any of the recent Saturday Night Live episodes. 

Beef Tripe (Cow Stomach) right out of the can was featured on the most recent episode. Tripe has a bland taste with a yellow, fatty, cholesterol coating atop the chewing stomach lining. While prepared correctly, tripe isn't bad. But, straight from the can causes mental warfare at the bar while attempting to chew and swallow canned Beef Tripe. Watch everyone struggle in the full episode ... 

Thursday's newest episode will feature Hawaii's best known product, NOT Dog The Bounty Hunter or Crystal Meth, but Poi. A super food that looks like paste and is made from ground up taro root. There isn't much taste to Poi, but the goopy substance coats your teeth and tongue and hangs on while you try to swallow.