I Caught Kelly Keegs Cheating At The Bar

HATE to see it. The 3 pillars of Lowering The Bar are ...

1. Integrity 

2. Honesty 

    3. No Puking 

Keegs blatantly violating the first two pillars of the bar made me want to puke and break the 3rd pillar out of disgust. Kelly overheard Tommy Smokes discussing lowering the bar's "dad game" at his desk, and she tried to get a competitive advantage on whatever twist we'd throw in as an extra layer to the game. The twist for the Mother's Day episode was Casey Anthony and Mother Teresa being in the mix, the Father's Day twist?  Papa John and Antonio Cromartie. LTB is 99% a mental game, but sometimes the bar rents real estate in your brain and breaks you. 

For the record, that was Zah's dad - featured in Donnie Does Zimbabwe and arguably one of the biggest stoolie's alive.