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A Tale As Old As Time: Hank Gets Embarrassed In A New Sport

The Indy 500 needs to watch out, next Memorial Day weekend the company may be kicking off a party for the greatest scooter racing spectacle on planet Earth, The Barstool 500. Some competitors tested the limits of the razor scooter with blistering speed, while some only had the goal of staying alive. The tight HQ oval may have claimed Nate's wrist, and Tommy's pride, but no driver could have used a break on this course more than Hank. The down bad streak continues for the #1 Sports Podcast Producer, but unlike Hank, you don't have to spend your Memorial Day weekend being a down bad, miserable loser.  

If you're in Indiana start your weekend off with MGK, Diplo, and an open bar. Then watch the race on Sunday and use the Barstool Sports Book to bet along with me on some value picks I blogged and will be betting on race day.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need some alone time in my hotel.