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DELETED SCENES: My Coworkers Let Me Ink Them With Permanent Tattoos

Everyone who got a tattoo in the most recent episode of LTB is an absolute trooper, especially Nick. I'm not the world's greatest tattoo artist, but there's no way I can be the absolute worst? If I was so horrible at tattooing why is my schedule already full with more Barstool employees wanting to get inked? 

Don't answer that, but we may be looking at a tattoo episode round 2 down the line. 

Some conspiracy theories swirling that Kayce never got a tattoo and we faked it, I'd rather die before we faked an episode. The blue ink just didn't show up when held up to the camera so we didn't include it in the final product, but here is the proof ...

Tune into Friday Night Pints tonight at 6 pm to watch Nick and Feits return the favor and give me my first ever tattoo - LIVE. Don't miss it.

Here is the full original episode …