Lowering The Bar: Gulping Down Chunky Grass Jelly Drink

You don't mow or smoke this grass, you drink it. Grass Jelly Drink is a sugary dessert drink made from boiling down plants and leaves, then cooling what remains into a dark liquidy jelly-like mess. The drink is actually a bit refreshing when served cold, and Grass Jelly has health benefits out the ass - it cures constipation. How will the office respond to this daunting drink? Should some be drinking it as a bathroom aide? 

If drinking grass doesn't do it for you, try chewing 32-year-old gum. Frank The Tank brought in Bowman Baseball Cards with a stick of gum from 1989 and took us back to the year where the Berlin Wall fell and men were men.

After Dave ate the gum and found out we didn't get the Griffey Rookie card, Pres did not have time for Frank Facts…