Shitty Inspirational Quotes

Badass Outs Herself As Only A Badass Would

Highlights From This Week's Podcast:

“Let your heart be your compass” - Yea thanks, if I always listened to my heart ...I would never leave the strip club (4:25)

“Yea, sex is nice, but when you haven’t been held in months, sex isn’t what you miss the most.” - Here's a typical guy that is directing a quote at ONE WOMAN only (14:01)

“There are no perfect husbands, and no perfect wives, but if you keep believing in each other, there will be plenty of perfect moments in your marriage” - Yuck. Yea, I didn't know people weren't perfect. (17:17)

“I keep my circle small, and my wall high. Be careful not to underestimate me. Fuck what you heard.” - Whoa, watch out for this guy (24:31)

“One morning, she woke up different.” - Rant (30:22)

“Hey Jim, every week the managers at my work look up quotes to post on the eraser board in the break room for employees to read. This week’s a quote from Roosevelt. NOBODY reads them.” - Hey boss, I’m just tryna make a spreadsheet. I’m not trying to win the battle of Gettysburg (40:20)

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