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This Deserves A Lot More Silence Than It Got

Terrible Inspirational Quotes with Jim Florentine

“Be The Buffalo" new company slogan ...yeesh (3:27)

Idiotic fantasy football team names (7:32)

- “At the brewery, poor me another one.”

- “every day I’m rustling”

- “Show me your TD’s”

- “I think I cam, I think I cam”

- “New team, who dis”

This didn’t happen (9:10)

This woman posted on Facebook that her kid’s teacher played that Cardi B song “WAP” …nope, that didn’t happen (14:40)

"I taught a wolf to meditate …now it’s awarewolf.” (17:57)

Another asshole who goes to the gym: “Roses are red, violets are blue, GO TO THE GYM” (20:21)

"Pucker up buttercup, karma is about to give you a great big kiss." (22:00)

"Do you know what 50 cent did when he got hungry? 58." (28:04)

"Smile, and let the world wonder why" ….oof (32:06)

"How much should I spend on a bottle of wine? I don’t know, half an hour?" - hilarious (39:10)