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Bubba The Bitch Roasts Red Lobster

Everybody Is Awful Podcast with Jim Florentine ...Awful Yelp! Reviews:

This didn't happen (1:15)

Prepare yourself for an avalanche of "I got vaccinated" social media posts (7:24)

Man attacks his online critic, turns out it's his step-son. This is some Florida shit (13:20)

Here's some bitch named Bubba, giving a 2-star Yelp! review to a Red Lobster ...thanks Bubba (18:48)

One time, my girlfriend broke up with me. I knew I would see her at the Red Lobster, so I took a new girl to the Red Lobster to get back at my ex. She wasn't there, but called me all pissed off because her friends saw me do it. I told her it was my sister. Childish behavior, I definitely need to grow up. (24:02)

My friend was a cook at Red Lobster, and one time he stuck a chicken patty in between his ass cheeks, and then threw it on the grill. (26:21)

This guy got thrown in jail in Thailand for writing a bad review on Trip Advisor about the resort (28:47)

This is a brutal review of Pier 1 imports ..yikes. Nobody gives a fuck that you were looking for pillows. (33:52)

"Pizza was ok, but they don't recycle here." - Ok? (44:20)

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