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Everybody Is Awful Podcast (Mondays & Thursdays) - The Good Side of Bad News, November 16:

Live PPV Streaming Event on Saturday, November 28th, with Don Jamison (1:15)

Things that never happened (3:08)

Just complete bullshit in the checkout aisle, #BeKind …yuck (4:17)

You don’t need another comedian who doesn’t know anything about politics (10:45)

Fan of the podcast, check out the album “The bag 2” (11:42) 

Story of a guy who got plastic surgery, apparently his third one. Something goes wrong, and he has an erection for three months afterwards (12:44)

The owner of a killer bear, chokes to death on a sex toy (17:32)

Don't forget, purchase the live stream and watch Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, 11/28:


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