You Knew Paige VanZant Could Grapple, But Have You Ever Seen Her Box?

That thumbnail cut off a good percentage of the picture, so here it is again, in its entirety...

(You're welcome.)

So for readers who aren't aware, Paige VanZant is into combat sports… She fought in the UFC from 2013-2020, leaving with a record of 8-5.

Josh Hedges. Getty Images.

After that, she decided to make more money than Dana White could ever pay her and joined OnlyFans because why the fuck not?

During the pandemic, she and her husband (fellow mixed-martial artist, Austin Vanderford ) went viral for some of the naked goofin' they posted on social media.

In 2001, Paige was coaxed back into the ring for two fights with the Bare Knuckle League but left with a disappointing 0-2 record.

Alex Menendez. Getty Images.

And now, after nearly 2 years of inactivity, she signed a multi-fight deal to compete in DAZN's Misfit Boxing League which is chock-filled with sexy influencers and retired athletes… Technically, Paige is both of those things, so the move seems to make almost too much sense.

Saturday, this badass fighter-turned-influencer is fighting an equally beautiful influencer-turned-fighter named Elle Brooke as the Main Event on the latest Misfit card.  A card that also includes Le'Veon Bell, and, if you look in the bottom right corner, you may recognize a mustachioed gentleman named Brendan Kelly who has fought under the ring name "American Ninja" on multiple Rough 'N Rowdy cards.


I don't know much about VanZant's opponent (pictured below) outside of the fact she has won a couple of fights in this Misfit league, but I believe she'll be swimming in deep water this weekend, so she might want to put some clothes on…

You can watch all the action on DAZN and you can hear all about Paige's plans to fuck this girl up in the interview embedded above… And because I am a professional, I ask Paige if we'll ever see her collaborate on OnlyFans with her doppelganger Jessa Rhodes…

(Speaking of bare-knuckle, Jessa's fully-shaved bare knuckle is only a few keystrokes away.)

Take a report.