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The Biggest Fight Of The Year Is This Weekend

Big fight this weekend...

"Big fight" not because it involves any belts… It doesn't.

"Big fight" not because it decides the fate of the lightweight division… It doesn't.

"Big fight" not because it involves two of the sport's biggest talents… Again… It doesn't.

Garcia vs Davis is a "big fight" because it involves two of boxing's biggest personalities squaring off and putting their undefeated records on the line… And those two personalities may grow into the sport's biggest talents, but I don't think anyone who understands the sport would say they are there yet.

I sat down with Ryan for only a couple of minutes yesterday and got nothing from our talk. Media Day interviews are a gauntlet for fighters having to feign interest for 2 hours of repetitive Zoom questions when they'd rather be concentrating on sucking weight and preparing for a fight.  I only jumped in that gauntlet because I wanted to see for myself how gaunt Garcia may have looked while trying to get down to 136… And it seems like he's carrying the (lack of) weight pretty well.

I poked a little fun at his trainer towards the end only because Joe Goosen will sometimes show up for fights dressed like he's going to the 2001 Grammy Awards with Britney and Justin…

Getty Images.


Giphy Images.

But back to the fight… How do I feel about this matchup?

First off… I love it, and I commend both teams for getting it done.  Particularly Ryan's team, as it appears he had to make more concessions than Tank.  

Secondly, I am having a tough time picking a side on this one.

Ryan is younger… Although 23 vs 24 years old doesn't provide any real youthful advantage for Garcia.

Tank's left hand is a WMD…

Giphy Images.

And Davis' powerful and compact frame explodes into uppercuts…

Giphy Images.

But then there's Garcia's left-hook… (wait for it)

Which is equally devastating when thrown downstairs…

Looking at the Tale of the Tape, you'll see a 5-inch height and reach advantage for Ryan, but looking at old tapes, you'll also see that the only time Garcia has been knocked down (not out) was from a Southpaw.


A Southpaw named Luke Campbell, who is taller than Tank but doesn't have nearly the same punching power as  Davis.

So let's take a look at the Sportsbook and see what they have to say about a fight that almost looks 50/50 on paper…

Boxing doesn't have very many pick 'ems, so in a matchup where I can make a compelling argument for either fighter, I don't want to pay -300 for the favorite… Instead, I'll grab 2-1 odds on a 50/50 scrap, and take a chance on Garcia.

Enjoy the fights and take a report.