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Ryan Garcia has been talking a LOT of shit... This Saturday night, he fights.

Unless you have been off social media for the last month (and if you have, congratulations... it fucking STINKS), you've probably heard the ramblings of one of the most recognizable fighters in the world, Ryan Garcia, as he gets ready to challenge Devin Haney for the WBC Super Lightweight Championship this weekend at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Some of his Twitter takes I agree with…


And some I barely understand…

Regardless, his timeline looks like a continuous April Fools Joke… And I am done caring about it.  

Now, I only care about this fight.

So earlier this week, I flew down to Dallas to talk with Ryan and his promoter.  I then consulted the voice of reason, Tyson Fury, on Zoom for his opinion on the fight, and then I had Devin Haney come into HQ to comment on all the madness leading up to Saturday night.

Oh yeah… I also spoke to Ryan's new Spanish tutor about the distractions of learning a language during training camp…

(In case you missed it, the caption reads- "My butt is big, but my dreams are bigger.")

So I urge you to watch the embedded video, as I attempt to throw a tent over this circus, and then I remind you to tune into DAZN PPV this Saturday night to see whether or not Garcia's antics have been some bizarre game of smoke & mirrors.

Enjoy the fights and take a report.