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Someone Is Getting Knocked Out On Saturday

A popular saying in sports, or just life in general, is- “This is a marathon, not a sprint.”… It’s usually uttered by someone urging someone else to slow down.

Well… Saturday nights fight between Joe Joyce and Big Bang Zhang is NOT a marathon.

We got two former Olympic silver medalists, two 6’6” monsters, and two fighters who typically do not go the distance squaring off in London, and I am itching to grab the under (7.5 rounds) on the Barstool Sportsbook.

Zhang is a close personal friend of mine… He was gracious enough to let me referee a couple of his sparring matches while I was trying to get my ref’s license… 

But he is just AWFUL on Zoom calls because of the language barrier, so I sat down with Joyce for the first time yesterday, and he has me convinced his freakish bone density is probably going to make the difference in what promises to be a slugfest.

Since they are fighting in England, the Main Event will ring-walk around 6 PM EST… And you can catch the action on ESPN+.

Take a report.