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BARSTOOL BOXING- Mick Conlan Is Back!

"Who the fuck is Mick Conlan?" you may ask.

Well... He's my featherweight friend from Northern Ireland, and he's fighting Luis Alberto Lopez on Saturday in Belfast for the IBF Featherweight strap.

I've complained about boxing's judges these past few weeks, and Mick is not unfamiliar with such controversy... He got fucked in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and promptly walked away from amateur boxing with two middle fingers raised above his head.

Giphy Images.

A year later, he made his pro-debut in MSG with Conor by his side…

Ramsey Cardy. Getty Images.

Mick is fighting again this weekend, and for people who get frustrated with heavyweights who don't engage enough or throw enough punches, these feathers will throw 1,000 punches apiece.  Plus, with how these two will inevitably stand toe-to-toe, the bout will look like it could've been held in a phone booth.

In the interview above, I talk with Conlan about the Royal Family being a fucking waste of time and Mick's recent foray into OnlyFans with fellow European boxer, Ebanie Bridges…

Nigel French - PA Images. Getty Images.

You can catch all the action Saturday on ESPN+.

Enjoy the fights and take a report.