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Tyson Fury to Eddie Hearn and Dillian Whyte- "Suck my balls."

Although the fight does not happen until April 23rd, the first press conference for Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte is taking place today at Wembley Stadium.  But before the media frenzy begins over there, the champ carved out a couple of minutes for The Thirteenth Round.

I am on the West Coast, so the reason my side of the video looks like it is taking place in a cheap hotel room at 5 AM with me being hungover is that it is and I am.

I will strip this fight down to its seeds and stems as it gets closer, but Tyson is always good for a couple of sound bites as he enters camp. Fury is never one to mince words, and he is particularly mindful of his own balls during our little chat today.

Take a report.