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Patriots Fan Cries His Dick Off At The Ravens Game Last Night, Unruly Internet Mob Ruthlessly Attacks Him

Well, folks, it is with a heavy heart that I must report that it is now illegal for men to cry, to emote, to love something so much that it brings them to tears when it fails him. That’s just society in 2019. I’d say it makes me sad but I don’t want the mobs to try and tear me down just for being a human being with normal emotions, too. A guy can’t openly weep in public over a November football game with hopes and dreams of an undefeated season snatched from his clutches. But this? This is more than just a football game. I’d argue this is a pivotal turning point for American society as a whole. November 3, 2019: the day toxic masculinity finally won and human compassion died once and for all.