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Unnecessary Roughness: The War Over Texas, Plus Notre Dame's Big Chance

The latest episode of the best college football podcast in America dropped this morning. Below are the highlights:

[3:56] Notre Dame heads to Athens in a showdown of potential College Football Playoff teams.

[21:40] Does Michigan truly belong in the upper echelon? If they do, they better win this game.

[26:30] The Barstool College Football Show is headed to Madison.

[32:57] Are Auburn and Texas A&M overrated or will one emerge from this Saturday as a real contender?

[36:40] JackMac continues to be wrong about Texas

[43:20] There will be several “Do You Belong?” games this weekend.

[48:30] College Football Payoff W/Marty Mush

[1:04:35] Most obnoxious fanbase in the country right now?