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Unnecessary Roughness: CFB Week 6 Review + Brandon Gives Auburn A Whooping

Week 6 was a little chalk, but also didn’t disappoint.

Brandon finally gets his moment in the sun to give Auburn a whoopin’ after losing to Florida… and boy, is he happy.

We go around the country, hit the highs/ lows, take fan Hot takes and I decide that ‘pandering’ should go on the shit list. We also recap the The Barstool College Football Show trip to Morgantown where Brandon Walker had an ALL time Brandon Walker move.

New episodes come out every Monday and Thursday.


[0:00] Intro & a recap of the trip to West Virginia

[5:55] Brandon Walker tells the Auburn fans to “come out and get their whooping”

[13:40] An all-22 discussion of the infamous Steven Glansberg Brandon Walker video from over the weekend

[18:58] Brandon Walker goes around the country to give us a few takes on the week that was in college football. Is Michigan not dead? Will SMU represent the G5 in the NY6? Does Jonathan Taylor have a legit shot to win the Heisman?

[33:00] Another Jalen Hurts – Sam Ehlinger debate

[35:41] Who impressed you this past week?

[50:00] HOT TAKES

[1:05:08] Shit list TIME!

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