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Unnecessary Roughness: Texas-LSU Is Fascinating, and Finebaum Said Something Stupid

The first thing that needs to be addressed is the myth of rampant SEC homerism. Yeah, it exists in some parts of Alabama. But the idea of LSU or Florida or Mississippi State or Missouri fans cheering for each other’s teams in non-conference games is completely overstated. I know, I know. Most of you thought I’d be a slow-talking, dumb redneck that only cares about the SEC. But as it turns out, I’m a slow-talking, dumb redneck that cares about all of college football.

So I talked about that on this episode of Unnecessary Roughness, the best college football podcast in America.

On this episode:

Kayce rants about the silliness of a Texas A&M offensive lineman guaranteeing a win over Clemson. (Guaranteeing a win is always stupid)

JackMac talks about his glorious run on the Barstool College Football Show.

We focus on the two big games of the week, as A&M/Clemson and Texas-LSU takes the spotlight.

We determine which embarrassed team from week 1 bounces back this week.

Marty Mush stops by as he and I pick 1our 14 best gambling picks from the week 2 slate.