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High School Football Player Realizes Defense Only Has 10 Men On The Field And Decides To Take Matters Into His Own Hands

In this world there are people who recognize problems, sit back and bitch about them hoping someone else takes care of them. And then there are the people who do something about them. This man is someone who thinks quick on his feet and takes action when problems arise. Oh the defense only has 10 men on the field and our opposition is currently scampering unabated to the endzone? Don’t worry, everybody, I got it.

Reading the replies to the tweets of this video, it appears the refs awarded the team a touchdown and ejected Terry Tate Jr. over here. Which is exactly what’s wrong with this generation of older folks. What kind of life lessons are we teaching the youth that you can just be handed a touchdown in this scenario? Last time I checked football is an 11-on-11 sport. This was 11-on-10, no shit they were going to score. All of a sudden when it got to 11-on-11 the running back didn’t look so fast or upright did he? If anything this play should have been used as a teaching lesson to always keep your head on a swivel and to expect the unexpected. Throw a penalty flag, sure, tack on 15-yards if you must, but just hand this team the game-winning touchdown That is simply unAmerican.