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Unnecessary Roughness: CFB Week 4 Review + Brandon Walker Wants To Be Hypersexualized

Week 4 was an absolute monster with highs, lows and gambling disasters galore.

Brandon, Dave, Dan, myself and the crew were in Madison for our second live Barstool CFB Show of the year. And Wisconsin, you DEFINITELY didn’t disappoint.

We recap our weekend in Madison, whip around the country to recap the biggest games (and biggest losers… Hi, Michigan) and add to the ever popular shit list. There’s also an argument about Texas (again) and we give some advice to Brandon on what he should do with his 17 new dogs.

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[0:00] Intro & Brandon wonders why NBC didn’t label him as hypersexualized and submissive

[2:15] Notre Dame @ Georgia. Why isn’t Kirby Smart utilizing the talent he has? Is he afraid to do so?

[13:40] Michigan @ Wisconsin. Is this the start of the end for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan?

[18:06] Auburn @ Texas A&M. A discussion on how the Aggies are Rosie O’Donnell at this point.

[22:40] Oklahoma State @ Texas. Will Jack Mac apologize for his Spencer Sanders take? Plus an argument over how close this game really was.

[27:42] ACC: Bye UCF! Mack Brown’s magical carpet ride has come to an end.

[31:36] Big 10: Is Nebraska a good football team?

[32:52] Big 12: Really, TCU?

[35:15] Brandon & Kayce recap their weekend in Madison

[36:50] Pac 12: Are they out of the CFP hunt already?

[44:16] SEC: Why is LSU giving up 38 points to Vanderbilt? Did Arkansas hire the wrong coach?

[52:20] Audience Hot Takes: Does Tennessee want Butch Jones back? How many losses for Michigan? Should people from the Northeast not be allowed to have opinions on college football?

[1:03:13] Shit List

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